USB LCD - LCD Sys Info Guide

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LCD Sys Info is an USB LCD gadget which display system and environmental information from computer. When you are working loads of windows application or gaming and videoing in full-screens, you would be able to monitor system status information conveniently without mess. LCD Sys Info can also be converted to a digital photo frame and display photos which can be downloaded and saved into the device’s flash memory.
Software and Icon importer software can be downloaded HERE

For Use with default software under Windows,

For Raspberry Pi or custom application development, please see HERE.

What information can be displayed?
  • CPU Usage, RAM Available, Upload speed and Download speed
  • Any sensor value or information shared from AIDA64
  • System Uptime, Current Date and time, custom message
  • Current Weather information in your city which is obtained from RSS Weather information (°F and °C interchangeable)
  • Current weather condition obtained from RSS Weather information
  • Or any other information retrieved from C# software.

  • PWM controlled backlight, able to set brightness and automatically dim LCD during screensaver and PC monitor-off mode, suitable for 24/7 operation.
  • Compact and thin in size, elegant glossy black frame for holding the LCD
  • Display local weather information in icons
  • Customization of icons, user can create and download their own icons in common image format to flash memory for display
  • Customize the threshold of the values and display them in specific colours to draw user's attention
  • Conversion to a digital photo frame which can display pictures independently without software. Photos can be download to the flash memory for display. 2MB device can store 6 photos and 8MB device can store 47 photos. Playlist and display time can be fully customized.
  • Support screen saver mode which turn device into photo frame when device is idle
  • Able to support 2+ devices on the same computer
  • The only available color TFT LCD device which shows system information and sensors value from AIDA64.
  • Blue LED for indication of USB data transmission

Hardware Information
  • LCD: 2.8inch TFT LCD, resolution 320x240, 262k colours
  • mini-B USB 1.1 compliant connection
  • Flash memory 2Mb(default)/8Mb for storing icons and images
  • PWM backlight control
  • Driver support WindowsXP, Vista, Windows 8,7 32&64 bit


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